Jane Golder


  • 1869: Born , Russia/Poland (calculated from 1891 Census)
  • 1891:Census
    Age: 15 years
    Address: 4 Spital Street Mile End New Town
    Occupation: Cigarette maker
  • Married: To Israel Sugarman - date unknown
  • 1903 - Sept. 25th. arrives in the USA (aged 36) with husband Israel, confectioner (aged 39), and children Deborah (aged 11), Rosil (aged 3), Louis (aged 2) , Cissia (just born ? ) travelling steerage on the Carpathia.

    The address of Israel's father (S. Sugarman) is given as 79 Eldridge St.(?) New York.

Further information on the family from Dan Sugarman

Dan is married to Barbara and has 3 children Jeremy, Rhona and Amy.

Louis had two children Dan and Ira.
Ira was born ~ 1938 and has 3 children.

Rosil (died ~ 1968) and Cissia (died ~ 1984) never married.

Debbie married for the first time when she was 55, no children and died ~ 1979.






Family Links

Father:   Louis GOLDER


Spouse: Israel SUGARMAN