Kutschers of Galicia


Update May 2009

To date I have received two separate confirmations that the Kutcher family originated from the Jaroslaw region of Galicia. One from Phyllis (Texas 2008) is very interesting in that she remembers being told that the family once lived on a farm outside/near Jaroslaw.

I have focussed on the Galician Kutschers and extended the search to include Kuczer, as this has now been confirmed from several sources as an alternative spelling of Kutscher.

Kutscher family tree. This shows where Kutschers are connected together ( and some not connected).

Alphabetical listing of the Kutschers : An listing of all the Kutschers and Kuczer of Galicia found to date. Not all have been included on the family tree.

Maps of Galicia from 1772 to 2008 : These show how the area has changed over the centuries and the various locations of the Kutschers.

If there are any errors, mismatches, or connections I have missed, please do let me know.