Szlama and Ryvka Litman

1812~ Ryfka born  
1813~ Szlama born  
1834 Szlama and Ryfka married  
1876 ? Ryfka died.  
1891 Szlama died  





Marriage Record of Szlama and Ryvka

(Translation of Document below)

In Lodz on the 16 th July 1834 there was ceremony of marriage between bachelor  Szlama  Litman,  21 years old, born in Lodz , son of  Szmul, who had died before this marriage and  Laia  Litman and virgin  Ryfka  Szumerain, 22 years old. Daughter of  Szlama  (who had died before this marriage), and  Gitla  Szumerian.

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