1880: Birth of Kiwa Zmidek

Akta 140

This happened in the city of Chmielnik on the sixth / eighteenth of November in the year one thousand eight hundred eighty at eight o’clock in the morning. Jakier Zmidek appeared, a religious teacher, thirty nine years old, residing in the city of Chmielnik, in the presence of witnesses Hersz Mendel Pachol, sixty years old and Motel Kassowski, sixty one  years old, both synagogue attendants residing in the city of Chmielnik; and he presented to us a male child, stating that he was born in the city of Chmielnik on the twenty ninth of October / tenth of November in the current year at eleven o’clock in the evening, to his lawful wife Estera Rejla née Rozenblum, twenty five years old; at the circumcision this child was given the name Kiwa.

This record was read to the declarant and witnesses, it was signed by us and those present. Jakier Zmidek is illiterate in Russian.


Hersz Mendel Pachol
Moszek Kassowski
Civil Registrar Andrzej [last name in the signature illegible]