1894: Died, Manela Zmidek
son of Kiwa and Szandla


Akta 160

This happened in the city of Chmielnik on the thirtieth of December / eleventh of January in the year one thousand  eight hundred and ninety three / four at three o'clock in the afternoon.

Berek Pachoł appeared, a synagogue attendant, thirty eight years old, and Icyk B[last name illegible], a merchant, fifty one years old, both residing in the city of Chmielnik; and they declared that yesterday at two o'clock in the afternoon in the city of Chmielnik Manela Zmidek died, a widower, sixty years old, son of Kiwa and Szandla née Dawid.

After the eyewitness testimony on the death of Manela żmidek, this record was read to the declarants and it was signed by us and them.