Emanuel Kutscher
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Father:  Israel KUTSCHER

Sister: Sarah Kutscher

Spouse: Anna GOLDER


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  • 1859: Born: Austria/Poland

    Birth name possibly Mendel Leib ? This is the name engraved on his headstone in Hebrew.

    Village? Possibly Jaroslaw [Pol], Yaroslav [Yid], Jaroslau [Ger], Jaroslav, Yereslev in the Region of Galicia. I have had this location written down in my diary from 20 years ago, given to me by my father. This still needs confirmation. However Lottie Kutscher's naturalization papers states Jaroslaw as her birth place, although there is no firm link between the two.
  • 1881 Census
    Address: 9 Regal Place Mile End New Town. Registered as a 'visitor' and born in Austria.
    Age: 22 years
    Occupation: Hatter

  • 1891 Census
    Address: 164 Hanbury Street, Whitechapel.
    Occupation: Capmaker (Hat Blacker in the Marriage Certificate)
  • 1899 : Present at the death of father in law Lewis Golder
    Address at the time: 65 Tenter Street South , Goodmans Field, Whitechapel
  • 1925 Died: Whitechapel, London aged 66

  • 1925 24th June Buried: East Ham Cemetery, Section T, Row 4, Grave 13