Mark Littman

1897 Born: 22nd November


1911 Census : Aged 14 years at School

Address: 64 Middlesex Street, Aldgate 

1917 Died: April 19th

Address: 108 Dalston Lane, London 

Mark Littman served in the British Army, 11th Battalion, London Regiment, in World War 1.

He died at the Second Battle of Gaza along with 365 other soldiers and 13 officers of his regiment.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Medal Record

Notes on the card above

The TP 11 relates to the written roll of recipients of the medals. TP is The London Regiment and 11 is the 11th Battalion.

The red ink was to identify him as a recipient of the 1915 Star, awarded to men and women who served from November 1914 to December 1915. His rank on this medal would have been Pte and the number  2944, showing that he joined up in 1914.

Those who served in Kitchener's New Armies didn't get this medal and received the British War Medal and Victory Medal for service overseas. Hence the writing on the card is in blue and his BWM and VM would be engraved with L/Cpl and his new number of 450993.


Register of Effects. His pay and pension were sent to his brother Joseph