Sam Littman

Marriage with Ethel Marsh 1924

Children in photo from left to right: Etty (daughter of Coleman and Beatrice Smith), boy (?), Tilly (daughter of Gabriel and Debbie Smith), Celia (daughter of Coleman and Beatrice Smith), girl (?)

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Parents: Abraham and Ester

Spouse: Ethel (Marsh)



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Born: 20th June according to the Army documents.

1916 Tried enlisting in the Army but was discharged 57 days later when they found out his real age. He claimed he was 18 years and 11 months when in fact he was only 16 years old.
( Also mentioned in his father's Naturalization document)

Sam is picture no. 10 below.
From British Jewry Book of Honour published in 1922


(Sept - Dec). Marriage with Ethel Marsh.

1947 Passport photos